Frequently Asked Questions

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They are a cream without the water! 

B balmed, balms’ are completely natural, there are no added ingredients of preservatives, thickeners, refined or synthetic oils. 

B balmed, balms’ also have the added benefit of stronger protection against the external elements - it moisturises and replenishes your own oils & repairs skin layers with the added protection benefit of the butter and waxes. 

Depending on your skin, if dry skin, definitely not, your skin will thank you for feeding it with a balm!

If you have oily skin, we would recommend a face oil without the waxes and butters with the raw ingredients being plant powered oils. These are known to balance skin tone so by using a blend of plant oils and exfoliating may help reduce the release of your own skin oils. 

Dampen your face with a cotton or bamboo washer before applying. This will help the oils absorb fast.

Yes, you can apply the day balm straight onto your skin if you are doing outdoor activities like going for a run, mowing the lawn etc, this helps defend against the external environment. 

If you are staying indoors, you should dampen your face first before applying.

In winter you should use the day balm twice daily, in summer only once, first thing in the morning.  

Ultraviolet (UV) from the suns rays can speed the production of melanin, our natural pigment that gives skin its colour. Age spots, sun spots or sometimes called liver spots are all common and appear when the melanin clumps or has a high concentration in one area. 

What is known and researched is that oils packed with Vitamin C may assist in evening these spots on the skin. b blamed ‘s night nutrifying balm contains papaya seed oil which has high concentration of Vitamin C. Read more on the benefits of Papaya Oil HERE.


Most definitely, yes. Wherever there is any dry areas apply a balm until the area begins to soften. Green Coffee Oil balm can be used as an all rounder, on the face, dry spots and lips. (not as good as the Luscious Lip Balm though)!