why choose a balm

Turning Seed Waste Into Skin Care

Papaya seed oil and green coffee seed oils are currently the key ingredients in our locally cold pressed oil and balm products. In the future b balmed, in collaboration with local farms, hope to press many different seeds that were  previously destined for waste and turn them into our delightfully luxurious skin care products.

Our unique blend of plant oils are chosen carefully to create a complete composition of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that feed the skin and have regenerative capabilities.  

Why a balm?

Balms give a stronger protection against the external elements by moisturising and repairing the skin layers, with the added benefits of the butters and waxes. 

Balms are multi-functional so you can use them to spot treat problem areas that need replenishing, moisturising or to soothe redness. 

b balmed skincare products are all natural so it may take between 3-12 months before a noticeable difference is seen in the appearance and feel, dependent on your skin type, age and skin condition. Anything natural will not work overnight, it is a process of peeling back the layers and this  takes time.

We believe

We believe that by using natural plant oils, over a period of time, the beneficial goodness will maintain a healthy balanced skin. 

We present ourselves to the world by turning up, or facing up, so in truth we are recognised by the face we put on… 

A face 

Face up 

Straight face 

Face off 

About face 

so a face that shows signs of laughter lines and all the characteristics of our vintage, but is still supple and radiant reflects a life well lived.