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100% natural luscious lip balm stick, Australian made.

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Maybe even kiss-able?

The Luscious Lip Balm is your everyday necessity to protect and nourish your pout. Simply glide on and let the 100% raw and natural oils do their thing.

Alkanet Root Powder is the hero in this balm. Alkanet Root Powder (AKA Ratanjot powder) provides a subtle tint while adding shine, and soothing dry or burnt lips*. The Alkanet Root Powder is blended with jojoba seed oil, castor seed oil, camelina seed oil, mango butter, berry wax, beeswax and candelilla to soothe, protect and moisturise.

  • Lightly & naturally tinted
  • Soothes & protects
  • Helps prevents lips from drying out
  • Responsibility packaged in a compostable push tube container.

*do not apply to open wounds

Say hello to adorable lips!


The Butter and Waxes

Mango butter gives the balms a luxurious soft texture on the skin so a great added benefit for our lips, while Berry Wax is a natural soft wax which helps stabilise the balms.

Beeswax holds humectant qualities which may help keep the moisture in the skin as a beneficial protective barrier.

Candelilla is used to hold the balm’s integrity for maintaining its form

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojojba) Seed Oil,

*Australian grown and cold pressed

Our skin secretes an oil/wax called sebum into our hair follicles that lubricates our skin and helps to keep it supple and moist. This unique oil, Jojoba, contains wax esters with a similar molecular structure to our own skin sebum. This quality makes Jojoba,a liquid wax, a great accomplice to our balms. It is a

natural moisturiser;
- is highly compatible with our own skin having the same wax esters as our sebum;
- excellent emollient with regenerative abilities;
- is great to infuse the alkanet in

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