Small batch local skin care

Small Batch Skincare

All our products are 100% natural, made by hand and in small batches. Everything in Nature changes with the seasons, or any external change in the environment therefore at times between batches the colour can vary slightly as well as the sent and texture.

Experience the convenience of our versatile skin balms, expertly poured into Kraft Push-Up tubes for effortless application. Whether adorning your bathroom shelf or tucked into your handbag, these balms adapt to your lifestyle seamlessly. Our commitment extends beyond convenience - our compostable and recyclable tubes echo our eco-conscious values.

Within the cap of your balm, you may notice a minuscule hole resulting from the rapid cooling process post-pouring. Rest assured, each tube is meticulously weighed during production to ensure you receive the full 30gm content.

During warmer months, take care not to leave your balms in your car, where high temperatures can cause melting and subsequent re-solidification, potentially resulting in minor textural changes. This natural reaction arises from the varying melting points of the waxes and butters. Optimal storage below 30°C maintains the integrity of your balms, ensuring lasting freshness and efficacy.