what to expect

Small Batch Skincare

All our products are 100% natural, made by hand and in small batches. Everything in Nature changes with the seasons, or any external change in the environment therefore at times between batches the colour can vary slightly as well as the sent and texture.

Caring for your Face and Hand Balms

The balms are poured into a Kraft Push up tube for easy application, they are very versatile as the balms can be stored on your bathroom shelf or carried in your handbag. The tubes are compostable and recyclable.

In the top of your new balm there is often a tiny hole which occurs from an air bubble in the rapid cooling process after pouring into the tube. This is nothing to be concerned about and each tube is weighed as we pour to make sure you get all the 30gm.

Please be careful not to leave your balms in the car, in summer particularly when we can experience high temperatures. If you have left your balm in the car on a hot day and it melts, then resets at times this may leave tiny granules of the waxes or butter. This is a normal reaction as the waxes and butters have different melting points so try to keep your balms in a cool place below 30°

How to use your Face and Hand Balms

Plant oils and butters can have reactions to an individual's skin, like any product so patch test before you use, usually the soft skin under the elbow is a great spot.

In the winter months you may need to use it more because of our skin drying with the cooler temperature. In summer your skin may not need as much and if you find the balm not penetrating as fast as you would like, dampen your face or area of choice before applying the balm. Once applied brush up and out lightly with your hands or fingers, if applying around the eyes do so circular across the brow, around and under the eye far enough away so no product can get into the eye itself.

More questions or enquiries

For any enquiries or questions, we would love to hear from you and b balmed will do our utmost to answer as best as we can. Please email sales@bbalmed.com.au and we will contact you within 1-3 days.

Kindest Regards,

Melissa Bond
Owner and Formulator