how our balms work

What is the difference between balms and cream moisturisers?

It all starts with the formulation. A balm is a combination of oils, butters and waxes opposed to creams which are an oil and water emulsion. Creams need an emulsifier to make the oil and water molecules combine together.  

The butters and waxes contained in balms, maintain the integrity and solid consistency and provide a strong layer of skin barrier protection. This is also beneficial in reducing skin inflammation and redness due to the balms being  naturally high in essential fatty acids.

In winter our blood vessels contract to keep our internal core temperature warm and the cooler skin temperature inhibits sweating. This can cause our skin to become drier, so the balm’s blend of natural plant oils, butters and waxes aid in skin protection by replenishing the decline in our natural oils.

Balms sit longer on the surface of the skin, for this reason, but if you do not like this sensation, dampen the face with a cool washer then apply the balm, this will assist the balm to penetrate the skins layers.

In summer however the whole process reverses, we sweat to cool down and our blood vessels dilate to increase blood flow so we cool down. Because of this the balm will penetrate our skin faster (so you need less) and will go deeper into the skin and maintain the balance of natural oils.

Balms are multi-functional and can be used to spot treat any problem areas on our skin.